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Early Bird Deadline: 25/2/2019

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What our past interns learnt...

It was a memorable trip. For me, since I'm pretty keen on analysis and dealing with numbers, I was assigned to be a winter financial analyst at a publishing company, which office is cool and cozy. During the time interning in there, I helped build a new analysis model with Excel and VBA, which I learned in London. The process is fruitful I would say, and my supervisor is always willing to share his views with me. He is an experienced salesman now leading the whole sales team. One thing I would definitely highlight is about my reflection upon the internship. Sometimes I understand good relations from data, but the truth is just not what I observed. He guided me through all numbers but in turn I did have a great opportunity to present my finding with the MD and CFO. They highly recognised my work and they asked me to extend the model company-wise.

—  Sunny Si, The University of Hong Kong


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