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Can I upgrade to a single room?

The accommodation included is a twin room with another student. You can upgrade to single room/ ensuite single room at an extra cost. Please contact our staff in advance to learn more about the cost differentials.

Can I choose my roommate?

Students will share the room with another participant of the same gender. We will manage the room allocation. Students can always make a request for their room preference, but the arrangement will be finalised by us.

What facilities are available at the residence?

For the London Program, there may be a gym room, social room, study room etc. and there will be either self-catering facilities or a canteen serving 2 meals a day. For the Australia program, it depends on whether the students choose homestay or furnished accomodation. For homestay, 2-3 meals a day will be included. For hostel, there will be self-catering facility. For the Ireland program, there will be self-catering facility.


Is there any sponsorship/ subsidy scheme that I can apply?

Yes! Our program is endorsed by various universities in Hong Kong. You may refer to for more details.

How much daily expenses should I expect?

You can expect around HKD 100-250 per day.

How much are the flight tickets?

Direct return flight to Sydney/ Melbourne, it is around HKD 4000-7000 Direct return flight to London, it is around HKD6000-10000

How much is the Visa fee?

Sydney - 417 Working Holiday Visa - AUD 440 Sydney - 462 Working Holiday Visa - AUD 440 For details of Australia working visa, refer to here. London - Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) - GBP 244 London - Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) - GBP 834 For details of London visa, refer to here. Dublin - No visa is required for HKSAR passport holders and Short-term stay visa (EUR 60) is required for PRC passport holders. Other nationalities, you may enquire us through email to

Can I get rejected by the embassy after paying the fee?

Rarely if you have a clean immigration record.

When should I buy the flight tickets?

As soon as you recieve your visa.

Application and Procedure

If I am not a Business student, can I apply?

Yes! We do accept students from diverse fields including technical sciences and humanities. You can still apply as long as you want to gain experience in the relevant field. However, you have to pass our initial screening.

What is the application procedure?

You firstly need to submit your application online and attend an initial screening interview. After that, selected students will pay a refundable deposit of HKD 5000 to reserve their place. You will then be involved in the placement matching process and visa application.

Under what conditions, will I get the refund?

You will get a refund when we cannot place you in a firm that is in your preferred career fields. For more terms regarding the refund policy, you can refer to the Terms and Conditions.

What if I reject a company?

We will arrange another company which is more suitable for you and this process will continue until the placement is confirmed.

What will be asked during the initial screening interview?

This interview is conducted by HKCareers. For candidates who are in Hong Kong, it will be a group assessment where you will be given a business simulation case and participate in the discussion. For overseas candidates, it will be held online involving behavioral questions. The main purpose of the initial screening interview is to assess the language proficiency and other soft skills of the candidates to determine suitability and general competence.

What will be asked during the interviews with employers?

It will mostly be CV-based and competency-based questions. For interviews involving technical knowledge (especially for finance firms), we may help you prepare for the interview.

Tour and Safety

What activities are available?

In the first weekend when students arrive in London/ Sydney/ Dublin, we will have a city centre walking tour where we go to different tourist attractions and will settle in for a meal. We will organise social events occassionally during the weekends. In the last weekend, we will have a welfare dinner.

Do I need to pay for the activities?

No. They are included in the program fee.

Will I have any support in case of any emergencies?

We will have a staff stationed in London/ Sydney/ Dublin to take care of all emergencies. Should there be any incidents, you can come to him/ her for support 24/7.

We have limited spaces for each program. You can submit your applications Now!

Students who attend the briefing session and are accepted to the program will enjoy HKD 200 discount!

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