Disclaimer: The below job duties have been drafted by corporations that we worked with earlier and are for reference only. Please understand the internship duties will vary according to business needs and intern capabilities.
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Career Fields

Financial Service

Sample Job Duties

● Performing Industry Analysis ● Assisting in calculation of forward 3 year revenue projections ● Analysing and updating company’s capitalisation and stock option issuance
● Financial analysis of various revenue components, including agents fees and
margin structure
● Analysis of all fixed and variable costs under multiple performance scenarios
● Conducting comparative performance analysis on different players in the market

Auditing & Taxation

Sample Job Duties

● Handle timely completion of audit assignments under the supervision of a senior auditor.
● Conduct cross checks on internal control procedures by examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentationto ensure compliance with relevant regulations
● Prepare preliminary analytical reviews, reports and financial statements for comparison with the financial performance of last 5 years
● Document audit findings using standard issue format and discuss them with senior auditor
● Communicate effectively with clients and department management; demonstrate good presentation skills and strong writing skills

Financial Technology

Sample Job Duties

● Drafting of Business Plan of new business opportunities by devising business strategies, Industry, Market and Competitor Analysis, preparing financial model, project appraisal and valuation, funding, risk management, preparation of implementation timeline
● Drafting of Investment Brief and Project Teaser and presentation
● Ability to understand a range of business models but principally related to the FinTech field
● Working understanding of different frameworks - PESTEL, Balanced Scorecard, Corporate Strategy, SWOT, Financial Analysis and Valuation Methodologies
● Ability to do market research and business inteliigence works on an independent basis by taking clear initiatives
● Some experience of fund raising and different project funding options
● Understanding of project and equity appraisal and understand the concept of IRR
● Understanding different types of risk affecting a business, risk management and mitigating measures
● Ability to prepare business implementation timelines and plans
● Some knowledge of local and international regulations related to FinTech


Sample Job Duties

●Collaborate with the marketing team to create original content for marketing and promotional purposes as well as attending client meetings ●Prepare monthly marketing reports to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns ●Assist in creating promotional material for internal and external communication ●Engage in online PR and outreach activities ●Supporting High Value Targeted Consumer strategies with a view to repeat/retention schemes

Event Management and Public Relations

Sample Job Duties

●Handle Press Release and PR materials write-up and translation (as required) ●Monitor media coverage of the company news, competitor’s news and the industry related news ●Assist press release distribution and take care of PR publication related issues ●Arrange logistics of media interviews, press events and executive conferences ●Provide clients with information about new promotional opportunities and progress of ongoing PR campaigns

Property Management

Sample Job Duties

●Provide advice to clients on the letting process ●Engage in the tenant selection process to identify responsible and reliable clients ●Check tenant references, review tenant agreement and inventories ●Set up viewings and present the property to potential tenants ●Assist in resolving issues within the properties ●Liaise with third parties ●Meet landlords and provide advice on rents

Human Resources

Sample Job Duties

●Involve in the entire recruitment process, which includes - Source, identify and shortlist a group of potential candidates - Arrange and conduct a screening interview with candidates - Analyze, consolidate and present a suitable profile to clients - Negotiate the best package for candidates ●Build and maintain proper relationships with clients and candidates ●Conduct research on the latest trend and information fo the job market to clients and candidates


Sample Job Duties

Assist in the execution of fund-raising program launches and logistics Maintain records on participants and volunteers including demographics, assessment, attendance Prepare sponsorship presentations to partnering corporations and organisations Prepare analysis and metric reports for Managing Director Involve in promotional campaigns for various fund-raising events

Information Technology/ Data Analysis

Sample Job Duties

●Collect and collate appropriate data for usage in databases and conducting related research ●Ensure the integrity and quality of data, being vigilant in data preparation and analysis process. ●Accurately code and derive variables from original information or data ●Analyze data with standard methods, interpret the results, and provide written summaries of data analyses ●Present analysis results and discuss business intelligence needs or information with internal and external clients ●Be sensitive to project deadlines


Sample Job Duties

• Conduct market research on social enterprises, foundations and corporations • Prepare client briefings specific to the needs of the project – this could range from performing desk research, summarising government and media reports to conducting interviews with key staff of client organisations • Provide business support for the firm’s clients, including market analysis, operational benchmarking, business plan development, modeling and valuation of potential programme investments • Maintain databases and providing general support to other consultants • Write articles for the company blog

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